Our Story

When we got into farming, people called us crazy. But we're not here to make a quick buck; we're here to get our hands dirty with the work that matters. We're here for the long hot days caring for animals and a cold beer with the crew at the end. We're here to offer our customers a product worth the money you work hard for. We're here to make a difference - one family dinner at a time.

One WILD ride

Wilders was founded in 2021 by husband and wife team, Reid and Jaclyn Smith. Their "why" was simple but powerful: fostering entrepreneurship in the local community.

Having grown up in Johnston County, NC, Reid has long known the work ethic, values, and passions of the agriculture community. After founding a few of their own businesses, Reid and Jaclyn realized what an honor it is to have the freedom and opportunity to be an entrepreneur, and how much of that opportunity gets eroded when large corporations take over Main Street operations. 

And so the vision for Wilders was born; a desire to empower local growers, makers, and creators to build on their gifts and passions. A calling to steward talent and treasure by connecting local consumers with the best products out there, all while building the local economy. Because we are all truly better together.