Our Practices

Our cattle, both Wagyu and Angus, are pasture-raised and grain finished. Our hogs are pasture-raised on the ground, free to forage through wooden pasture, then grain finished. Our chickens are pasture-raised and get moved to new grass every day! They have access to grain if they so choose, but will always eat grass and bugs before they ever choose feed.

We are not certified organic because we feel it is important to treat our animals like we would our children. We never give any unnecessary medicine, but if an animal becomes ill we will treat it with the appropriate antibiotics.

We operate our farm in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act. We believe that treating our animals with love and care transcends to the high quality of our products.

Yes! Our animals enjoy life grazing on our 1200 acre farm - just as nature intended. The cattle move pastures regularly, while the chickens move every single day.

Using antibiotics to treat your animals gets a bad rap in today’s world, but there are many misconceptions surrounding this practice. Many high-volume commercial farmers add antibiotics to their animals’ feed to prevent mass disease transmission in overcrowded living conditions.

All of our animals are pasture-raised on 1200 acres of farmland, so we only need to administer medicine if an animal is actually sick. As regulated by the FDA, zero antibiotics can be traced in our animals when they are harvested; therefore, you don’t ever have to worry about consuming antibiotics in your Wilders meat.

We have Wagyu and Angus cattle, Berkshire hogs, and Cornish Cross chickens.

Our facilities are top notch, meeting Beef Quality Assurance standards.

We treat our animals in the most humane way possible - all of our processors are Certified Animal Welfare Approved.

We treat our animals just like you would your children. We never give them any unnecessary medication, but occasionally they do get sick and need to be treated accordingly.

Our Products

Fullblood Wagyu beef can only come from cattle who’s genetics on both sides of the pedigree originate in Japan, while American Wagyu is created by crossing Angus with Wagyu.

Kobe beef is fullbood Wagyu, but it must come from cattle born, raised, and harvested in the city of Kobe, in the Hyogo prefecture of Japan.

Grass fed, grain finished means that our cattle and hogs have had access to pasture their entire lives, and once they mature into the finishing program, they are switched to a grain and roughage diet until harvested.

The Berkshire hog is a British breed originating in the English county of Berkshire. It is often referred to as the Wagyu beef of pork, having a much richer and more tender flavor.

Shipping & Returns

We currently ship within North Carolina and the cost of shipping is $25.

We ship FedEx Ground, which typically takes 2 days to arrive once your order has been packed and shipped.

Due to the nature of the product, we cannot accept returns. If you are unhappy with your order please contact us immediately so we can help resolve the issue.

Please email orders@Wilders.com to start a conversation.

Our Operation

If you are interested in a farm tour, please email info@wilders.com for more information.

We do not currently host events or rent out our property at this time.

Our products are available in several locations across eastern North Carolina, such as Ladyfingers of Raleigh and Motts Seafood in Wrightsville Beach. You can find a full Iist here.

You can also purchase online for local pickup or delivery.